Thursday, March 24, 2016

Message of Maryam Rajavi to the U.K. Houses of Parliament for Nowrouz celebration

23 March 2016
Dear friends at the Houses of Parliament,
Honorable friends of the Iranian Resistance,
Honorable representatives,

In the beginning of another Persian New Year with the freshness of spring, I wish you and your families, and the great nation of Britain a year of progress and peace, away from the danger of terrorism and fundamentalism.
Nowrouz has been the most important Iranian feast for thousands of years.
Ancient Persia's myths, stories and poems all indicate that Nowrouz is one of the most essential pillars of the Iranian culture.
What is the meaning of Nowrouz?
It means the renewal of nature, the renewal of the year and time, and the renewal of hearts, visions and fate.
So, far beyond a New Year celebration, Nowrouz is part of the Iranian people's vision and outlook on the world.
It means that they are confident that the situation will not remain as it is and will certainly change.
Therefore, one can understand the deep conflict existing between a nation with such a culture and history, and the ruling mullahs' regime.
The religious fascism ruling Iran for the past 37 years has not been able to prevent people from celebrating Nowrouz.
In the years of the mullahs' rule, Iranians have celebrated Nowrouz a hundred times more than in the past.
The message is that the people of Iran want change and the mullahs are doomed to go.
They have shown this by thousands of protests and strikes over the past year.
As such, the mullahs cannot preserve their rule except by the most brutal suppression.
Rouhani said he would bring moderation, but instead, he brought even more executions to Iran and more war to Syria.
The mullahs said that the Iranian people would be better off after the nuclear deal, but the assets released after the lifting of sanctions went to the Revolutionary Guards and was spent on the wars in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.
And our people became poorer than ever before.
One of the outcomes of the nuclear deal was another massacre carried out against members of the Iranian Resistance in Camp Liberty.
This once again proved that so long as the mullahs are in power, nothing will change in Iran and human rights advocates, political prisoners and Iran’s pioneers of freedom and democracy currently in camp Liberty remain in danger and must be protected. .
The message of Nowrouz, however, is that dictators are doomed to go.
Another message of Nowrouz is that it praises those who pave the way for the coming of spring.
And you dear friends, you who have risen to defend freedom and human rights in Iran and protect the Iranian Resistance's members in Camp Liberty, you are among those who pave the way for spring and Nowrouz.
I sincerely appreciate your generous and courageous determination.
History will attest these efforts will transform the old world into a new world which will build the foundations of peace, friendship and progress for all, and best relations between our nations.
I thank you all very much.

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