Sunday, December 4, 2016

Iran: Rouhani talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk

Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani

Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani made a number of remarks on Thursday, December 1st, shedding light on the mullahs’ deceptive nature.

“… there is a lot of talking, without any serious meaning. We must fix the sewage system. We must fix the water system. We must fix the hospitals, education and …,” he said.
For once Rouhani was right. In the mullahs’ regime, there is only talk about what should be done, yet no actions are ever taken to resolve people’s problems. Now let’s see what solution Rouhani has for the unemployed millions in Iran.
“People should be hopeful in the youths finding jobs,” he said.
So, Rouhani is also just another Iranian regime official who talks the talk and fails to walk the walk. He is encouraging people to be hopeful. 
For those who know this deceptive mullah, they have no expectations and only increase their anger about the entire regime. Even the regime’s own officials are ridiculing him.
“(Rouhani) said today the people should be certain in their youths having jobs in the future. He has been kidding around with the issue of unemployment for some time now,” said Mehdi Mohammadi, a known member of Iranian regime leader Ali Khamenei’s faction.
“Around 30% of the employed have lost their jobs since 2013 during his tenure, and around the same amount are concerned about losing their jobs until the end of his 4-year term. This administration has broken all records of unemployment,” he added.
This regime is founded on plundering and bribes. There is no solution to bring an end to these crises from within the regime. Therefore, the people know very well that the solution lies in bringing an end to the mullahs’ rule in Iran.

Iran: Rouhani talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk

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