Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Real Legacy Of President Obama: Protecting The Iranian Terrorist State

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President Obama has positioned the Middle East for an extensive and destructive period of great consequence which has the potential for world-wide impact far beyond the current refugee and terror crisis. The images of bloodied children in Syria and Yemen are grave examples of a selfish lack of respect for the Middle Eastern people, their culture and religions. Another example is Obama not recognizing that Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, believes he is in the actual lineage of the Prophet Mohammad. Hosseini Khamenei’s theological position makes him (in his opinion) the religious leader over the entire Muslim world! Can you imagine how the peaceful countries of the Gulf Cooperative Council view this dangerous situation? Obama’s apparent disregard for the value of the people in Muslim majority countries and their sectarian residents has placed all our allies in the Middle East in grave danger.
The cornerstone of Obama’s dangerous and politically driven strategy was laid in secret by Secretary Clinton’s State Department in Muscat Oman. Obama’s personal goal of a Nuclear Treaty with Iran kicked-off the cash flow from Arab counties to the Clinton Foundation and speaking agreements for Bill Clinton. This action was added to Obama’s determination to remove all US military support for “keeping the peace” after the hard-won success of the troop surge. The announcement of the date for the departure of all US Troops is an example of Obama’s total disregard for the welfare of Iraqi citizens and peace in the greater Gulf Region. The impact of the Arab Spring magnified the lack of a coherent strategy in the Obama/Clinton Administration. The support of the Muslim Brotherhood by Obama discredited the US standing with Allies and helped divide many GCC partners, resulting in the recalling their Ambassadors to Qatar. The Arab world knew the danger of Obama’s actions and thought they could influence President Obama through Hillary and Bill Clinton. No one should blame our Arab friends from doing all they could to protect their people from Obama’s naïve actions.

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