Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Iranian opposition leader denounces ‘sham’ presidential elections on Twitter

Rajavi is known for voicing her opinion against the current leadership in Iran. (File Photo: AP)

Prominent Iranian opposition figure Maryam Rajavi – who is the leader of the People’s Mojahedin of Iran, sent out a series of tweets on Wednesday denouncing the upcoming presidential elections in Iran as ‘sham.’
Rajavi is known for voicing her opinion against the current leadership in Iran.
Rouhani has refused to touch on the most disastrous and tragic case of executions which was the massacre of PMOI members #Iran #ShamElections
Rouhani confessed,albeit opportunistically,that the ruling regime has not done anything but carrying out executions over the  past 38 years #Iran
If the regime wasn’t in absolute danger, Khamenei wouldn’t have had 2 nominate Raissi,1 of his most atrocious criminals,for the #Shamelections #Iran 
Admissions made by the candidates that the ruling regime represents only 4% of the population vividly reveal the nature of the election #Iran
 If you claim that the May19 showcase is a genuine election,you have to withdraw the half-a-million strong force of IRGC #ShamElections #Iran
The candidates of the Iranian presidential elections are current President Hassan Rouhani and conservative cleric Ebrahim Raisi and will take place on May 19.

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