Thursday, April 5, 2018

Mass Demonstrations In Ahvaz, On The Eve Of Ninth Day Of Protests Against Iran Regime

NCRI - Hundreds of Ahvazi compatriots staged overnight protests on Wednesday night.
The regime's security forces raided the Ain-Doin district (Sayed Karim) to prevent people from demonstrating.
According to reports and clips, youth clashed with security forces and blocked the streets.
Security forces arrested one of the youths who is 23-year-old called Syed Falah Mousavi, son of Sayyid Khazal in the city of Ain-e-Dou (Sayed-kareem) in western Ahvaz,
The sound of the shooting by security forces is heard from the region.
The security forces raided several houses in the city of Ain Bagh (Sayed Kareem) and arrested a number of youths. In some streets of this city, as a result of presence of large crowds of protesters, repressive forces escaped.
The city of Ein du is located in the southwest of Ahvaz, and according to the 2013 census, its population is 30,000 and its area is 7 square kilometers.

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