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Iran Protests Watch - June 4, 2018

Iran Protests Watch - June 4,  2018

Bandar Abbas - Bandar Abbas Shipyard Workers Strike:
Bandar Abbas shipyard workers have ceased to work in protest of the failure to pay their wages and benefits for several months and struck a rally against Iran's offshore shipbuilding and offshore complex.
Nasim Shahr, Islami Shahr - Shortage of fuel at the gas station of Nasim Shahr:
Nasim Shahr Fuel Distribution Places have faced a shortage of fuel for the third consecutive day due to the general strike of truckers.
While people are waiting in the long queues for fuel, the clerical regime's oppressive agents out of turn fill their cars with fuel.
Different Cities-Continuation of Truckers Strike on Thirteenth Day:
Truckers' strike continued on its 13th day.
A group of truckers in the cities of Isfahan, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Mashhad, Kerman, Sanandaj, Chabahar, Tiran, Karvan, and Shiraz, have continued to opt out and have refused to load their trucks. Truckers in theChabahar Free Zone have refused to load as well.
An audio clip of a trucker: Hello, today, June 4, 2018, despite the clerical regime’s announcements that truckers strike of the Chabahar Free Zone has been terminated, it is actually not true. The truckers will not move their trucks. The strike is still in the free zone of Chabahar going on.
Varamin - Varna Milk Factory Terminated Workers Staged a Protest:
Dismissed workers at the Varna Milk processing plant in Vramin rallied and protest in front of the governor office of this municipality. Workers’ banner says:
"We have not got our salary for 4 months. Is there anyone to serve justice.”

Ahvaz - Bankruptcy declaration of Ahvaz National Drilling Company and its staff gathering: According to one person, the Ahvaz National Drilling Company declares bankruptcy and all employees of the company also gathered to protest against this situation on Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3, in front of the governor's office in Ahvaz. National Drilling Company used to have16,000 employees four years ago.

Mashhad, Rasht, Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan - Participants in the medical assistant admission test staged protest for the second consecutive day in several cities.
A group of participants took part in the medical assistant admission test staged protest for the second consecutive day in most cities in front of medical sciences building. Protesters in Rasht, Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Esfahan, objected to rationing system on the signs that they were carrying.
They had written on the placards or the papers:
"We are also the offspring of this country”
"In the medical and dental assistant, the capacity to enter non-quota volunteers is only 35%," and "We were squashed”.
Further explanations: The protesters also demanded the use of scores and the average academic rank of participants in the acceptance of medical and dental care along with a reduction in the quota of special groups. In response to the protests, the Ministry of Health and Medical Sciences has stated that the Majlis and the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of the regime have reviewed and decided on this issue.
One of the participants in the gathering said: “25% of the seats are for the veterans and veteran families, if this 25% limit allocated was not filled would be given to other students, but now, in addition to the parliament’s 5% quota increase and six month hold, which can increase the vacancy rate to 30%." According him, “30% of the medical examinations seats are taken from the rest of the community, and this is a flagrant offense for the rest of the students.”
Bandar Mahshar - Gathering and protesting of Petrochemical Company employees along with their families:
A group of Petrochemical Company employees, along with their families and their children, gathered and protested in the special area of the city to protest the transfer of the company to private sector and increasing unemployment rate of the workers of the company. There was a placard, written on it:
The privatization was government's decision, why the workers should pay the price, the government supposed to serve the justice. The children of the workers have been carrying hand written signs in protest.
Video clip.
Karaj - The taxi drivers strike:
Taxi drivers in Karaj staged protest and strike. In the past few days, taxi drivers of various cities staged protest due high cost and low fares.
Ahvaz-protest rally of municipality workers:
The municipality's parks and green space workers in the 5th District of Ahvaz gathered to protest 5 months deferred pays and insurance, and lack of job security in front of the regime's governor office.
One of the workers, who did not want to be named, said: “The municipality workers of parks and green spaces of district 5 have not been paid salaries and their insurance premiums since last February." He added: "Failure to pay salaries and insurance will put the workers of the municipality in very serious physical, psychological and family problems.
Another municipality worker also pointed to lack of job security as a major concern for workers, adding that parks and green space workers are contractual and once their contracts are completed, they may not be renewed and will be expelled by contractor.
Ahvaz - Brutal attacks of the clerical regime’s repressive agents at the gathering of National Steel Group workers:
The repressive forces of the clerical regime carried out attacks on 500 fasting workers from the Ahwaz National Steel Group while protesting in front of the regime's governor’s office in the city for the fourth day. Their protest were brutally attacked and severely protesting workers were beaten with batons. In the course of this criminal invasion, the nose of one of the workers hit by baton was broken.
Yazd - protest rally of poultry producers in front the regime’s governor office:
Poultry producers gathered in front of the provincial governor of the city, like many other cities, in protest at the high cost of poultry feed, which led to the bankruptcy of many of them. They demanded a rise in prices for their produce. Protesting poultry producers had a placard written on it:
Milk price = Mineral water
Milk production = bankruptcy and destruction
The farmers and the country's livestock herders are disappointed.
We declare our bankruptcy and protest.
Garmsar - the gathering of poultry producers in front of the regime's governor:
Garmsar poultry producers gathered in front of the regime’s governor office to protest the high cost of the poultry feed, which left many of them bankrupt.
Khorramabad - tax owners protest in front of the regime's governor office:
Taxi owners gathered in Khorramabad on the sidelines of the regime's governor office in the city for the lack of a taxi staging terminal stations.

Tehran - Angry travelers at the so called Khomeini airport:
According to reports, clerical regime’s Nation Bank at the so called Khomeini’s airport obtained Iranian currency to give foreign currencies to the passengers but announced that it cannot provide them with their money. For this reason passengers ready to take their flights were undecided and angry at the airport and could not take their flight.
This led to the gathering of many angry passengers and their companions and staged a protest at the airport in response to the bank’s staff behavior.

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