Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Maryam Rajavi Congress: Regime change in Iran necessary for countering Islamic fundamentalism.

Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi, the president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran told the U.S. Congress on Wednesday that "without a firm strategy opposite the administration in Tehran, there will be ruinous outcomes." To counter Islamic fundamentalists, popularity based and tolerant Islam ought to be enabled, she clarified. 
Maryam Rajavi showed up before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade by means of videoconference on Wednesday. 
Rajavi alluded to the Iranian administration as the "epicenter of fundamentalism" in the Middle East and she told the collected Representatives, "We can and we should rout Islamic fundamentalism, whether Shiite or Sunni." 
Maryam Rajavi illustrated a few useful steps that Western governments may take toward this end, one of which was to "perceive the Iranian individuals' yearnings to oust the mullahs." 
She told the hearing: "Today, Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism, under the name of ISIS or Shiite paramilitary gatherings, have propelled a horrendous attack on nations in the locale and past including America and Europe." 
"Islamic fundamentalism developed as a risk to peace and security when Khomeini stole the initiative of a prominent upset in 1979 and built up a religious tyranny," she included. 
The Iranian restriction pioneer likewise said: "for a long time, we have opposed a religious oppression and battled for majority rule government in Iran. The Iranian administration has served as the fundamental wellspring of this unpropitious wonder in the locale and over the world. The essential target of Islamic fundamentalists, including ISIS, is to set up an Islamic Caliphate and uphold Sharia law." 

The Islamic fundamentalist, "perceive no outskirts," she said. "Forcefulness and brutality are two basic components of Sunni and Shiite fanatics. In that capacity, hunting down conservatives among them is a figment." 

Rajavi said her development had cautioned that the mullahs looked to get atomic weapons to fare fundamentalism and ensure their own particular presence however little, if anything, was done to keep this fare. 

"Sadly, inability to stop the Iranian administration's post-2003 interfering in Iraq empowered it to steadily possess that nation, driving the remarkable spread of fundamentalism. So also, violations conferred by the Quds Force and Bashar Assad in Syria and the slaughter and avoidance of Sunnis in Iraq by Maliki, combined with Western quiet, enabled ISIS," she said. 
Rajavi underlined that the mullahs' administration is not a portion of any answer for current emergencies; it is without a doubt the heart of the issue. 
"The general population of Iran, undoubtedly, call the mullahs' administration as Godfather of ISIS and other fundamentalist gatherings. A definitive answer for this issue is administration change by the Iranian individuals and Resistance," she said. 
"This administration is to a great degree delicate and defenseless. As obvious amid the 2009 uprising, the dominant part of the Iranian individuals requested administration change. The administration's show of power is empty and an aftereffect of feeble Western arrangement."
"Inferable from the vital part of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) as a majority rule Muslim development, the Iranian Resistance has set up itself as the direct opposite to Islamic fundamentalism." 
Rajavi illustrated the accompanying useful steps essential for vanquishing Islamic fundamentalism: 

1) Expel the Quds Force from Iraq and end the Iranian administration's impact in that nation; 

2) Enable full interest of Sunnis in force sharing and arm Sunni tribes to give security to their groups; 

3) Assist Syria's moderate restriction and individuals to end Assad's administration and build up vote based system in that nation; 

4) Recognize the Iranian individuals' desires to oust the mullahs and end inaction opposite the gross human rights infringement in Iran. 

5) Provide security for, and maintain the privileges of individuals from Iran's sorted out restriction, the MEK, dwelling in Camp Liberty in Iraq. 

6) Empower the genuine, fair and tolerant Islam to counter fundamentalist elucidations of this religion; and 

7) Block all pathways for the Iranian administration to get atomic weapons.

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