Friday, February 5, 2016

The Iranian mullahs see the Roman Capitol

Simin Nuri

Simin Nuri Architect Franco-Iranian, president of the Association of Iranian Women in France.

To the visit to Italy Hassan Rohani January 25, 2016, the Capitoline Museum in Rome has put his bare limps to steal forms under the Iranian censor. Initiative, it appears, taken "out of respect for the culture and sensitivity of Iran" ... Given the fundamentalist, the country of Botticelli, da Vinci and Michelangelo has chosen to misrepresent the ancient adage "Rome , do as the Romans "to" do as the mullahs. "
Thus the proponents of Islamist caliphate in Iran did they succeed in the twenty-first century to impose their vision of the world cradle of art and Western culture! One can imagine the fate that these inquisitors reserved for the millennium of Persian art and obscurantism endured their people.
Recall here that no initiative is taken to respect the culture and sensibility of Western women in their visits to Iran. All those who set foot on Iranian soil, or enter its airspace, including politicians and diplomats ... are forced to cover their heads!
As for the Iranian victims of the hatred of the fundamentalists in power, they are deprived of their basic rights by law and in practice. They must hide their bodies, their behavior and personality not to "try" the lustful males released.
Upon his arrival to the presidency in 2013, "moderate Islamist" Hassan Rouhani promised openness in society towards women and youth. Since then, among the 2,200 executions under his belt, 63 women and several minors. A series of laws and regulations hostile to women were passed under its mandate, highlighting discrimination, gender segregation and economic exclusion, and thus swelling the already large arsenal misogynist of the Constitution and the Penal Code. Recall that this Pandora's chastity, Rohani has passed a law allowing incest and pedophilia, allowing a guardian to marry his adopted infant daughter. Remember that these inquisitors have legalized rape of prisoners, especially political, and instituted the prostitution and trafficking of women and children by the "sigheh" (temporary marriage allowed by Sharia) which could range from 10 min to 99 years ...
Iran, old country of art, culture and literature is censored under the mullahs' regime for almost forty years. The West would do better to assist women and Iranian artists instead of veiling statues of Venus and lie in front of the mullahs before trumpeting its determination to fight against jihadism, destroying the cultural heritage of humanity in Iraq or Syria.

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