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Maryam Rajavi: Nowrouz celebrates the certainty of the coming of spring, liberty and joy

19 March 2016
Maryam Rajavi

Message on the New Iranian Year

Fellow compatriots,
Honorable mothers and fathers,
My dear sisters and brothers,
Passionate and energetic youths of Iran who want everything new,
Valiant women and men in political prisons who embrace Nowrouz even in captivity,
Champions of freedom in Camp Liberty who are the messengers of spring and Nowrouz for Iran,
Fellow exiled Iranians all across the world, who take your beautiful homeland, Iran, into your homes and to your families with Nowrouz and by setting up the Haft-Seen arrangement,
Happy New Year!
I congratulate you on the advent of spring and the great feast of Nowrouz.
May the jubilance and prosperity of Nowrouz embrace all the cities and villages across our country and all the moments of your days and lives!
May it overthrow the turbaned ruling beasts!
As Zoroaster said:
May bad manners fail, May good manners succeed,
May lies fail and be conquered by truth.

My dear countrymen and women,
Although our new day and happiness have been stolen, but they are your rights.
Freedom, well-being and security are your rights.
Human rights, free elections, separation of religion and state are your rights.
Striving for a just life, a country without executions and torture, and rising up for bringing down the religious tyranny are your rights.
These rights must be restituted and the usurpers and oppressors overthrown.
On this path, all of us share the same spirit and are parts of the same body.
As Massoud Rajavi says, "Anyone who wishes to see the religious tyranny overthrown and anyone who desires freedom and popular sovereignty in a republic and thepeople's vote, is with us and we are with him."
Hail to your steadfastness and fortitude that ruined and closed down the sites of the mullahs' nuclear weapons project last year.
Now is the turn to destroy the bases of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, their unjust courts and their torture chambers.
Khamenei wished to bring out his regime from the pit of the nuclear retreat but he ended up pushing the entire regime down the well of its sham elections.
He wanted to find a breathing space for the regime in Yemen and Syria.
But the Iranian regime was defeated in Yemen and suffered the loss of its most important commanders in Syria.
The regime became so weak that the mullahs appealed for Russia's interference.
Russia's intervention, however, did not last long despite massive bombardments and massacres, and the Iranian regime has now lost its backing.
And finally, the mullahs sought to annihilate pioneers of the Iranian nation's Resistance movement by launching rocket attacks on Camp Liberty and massacring members of the PMOI;
However, the people of Iran embraced the PMOI more than ever before with great love.
Let us remember Nayyereh Rabii and Hossein Abrishamchi and 22 other heroes who sacrificed their lives for Iran's spring of freedom.
For the people of Iran, Nowrouz celebrates the certainty of the coming of spring, liberty and joy.
Every Nowrouz, Iranians celebrate an auspicious destiny that they believe will definitely come.
To realize that day, we must start our preparations today:
The mullahs' mission is killing hope.  But we must revive hope by selfless sacrifice, love, and trusting our fellow countrymen.
The mullahs seek to eliminate national solidarity. So, all nationals of Iran must reinforce their bonds of friendship more than ever.
Our Iran is an amazingly beautiful garden with freedom and popular sovereignty.
Baluchies and Kurds, Arabs and Lors, Bakhtiaries and Turkomans, Azeries and followers of various ethnic groups and faiths are the colorful, lovely flowers of Iran's garden.
And the day when Iran becomes the garden of freedom and justice is definitely on the way.
To workers, teachers, and nurses and to you, the freedom-loving women, mothers and fathers who have risen up to protest in front of Evin Prison, I say that it is you who will bring Nowrouz to our land.
You, who resist in prisons. Prisoners who held the Feast of Fire in Gohardasht Prison with ever-louder chants of: "Set fire to and burn the principle of Velayat-e Faqih."
You who help the poor and promote peace, and spread purity, trust, and friendship.
Yes, you are the ones who will bring Nowrouz.
The spring of freedom will be realized by your determination.
Wish you a hundred years better than these years.
Congratulations to all of you, on the auspicious spring, victorious Nowrouz, and beginning of the new Iranian year 1395!

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