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Why is Tehran Delighted of Brussels Attacks?

Iranian mullahs blame victims not the terrorists for the Brussels attacks

Iranian mullahs blame victims not the terrorists for the Brussels attacks

In a detestable reaction, Tehran actually blamed the Belgium government itself for the heinous massacre!

 Immediately following the March 22nd dreadful terrorist attacks on Brussels airport and metro station that left more than 30 people killed and hundreds in injured, wave of international condemnations against the attacks and expression of solidarity and support for the Belgian people and government poured from across the globe. Except one government that not only placed itself on the side of the civilized world, but actually came out and blamed the Belgian government itself for this horrible attacks.
This response came from no one else other than the ruling mullahs in Iran which was ironically a startling reminder of Tehran’s reactions after the last November’s Paris attacks. Back then Iran and its propaganda machine were delighted, arguing to the French the attacks were the offspring of their Middle East policy, coincidentally against Tehran’s interests in the region. Today, we are witnessing a repeat of similar reactions following the Brussels atrocities.
“Today, the people of Brussels experienced the fear and horror Syrians have been enduring for 5 years as a result of their policymakers’ interferences.” These hideous remarks were actually aired by Iran state TV on March 22nd, the very day of the attacks.
In yet another Iranian state TV program aired the next day we heard, “[The Europeans] have shown they believe in good and bad terrorism, and 1st and 2nd grade human beings… The Belgian Interior Minister says they never anticipated such an extensive terrorist operation, meaning the Europeans cannot provide for their own security… it appears they are missing one very important factor… they have planted the seeds of something they cannot control.”
For those unfamiliar with the obscenity of the mullahs in Iran, this is their modus operandi to legitimize their crimes and collaboration in the massacre of nearly half a million people in Syria alone, as the war against terrorism. Tehran goes one step further, threatening Europe of failing to provide for their own security.
Iranian regime analysts have received the cue and fallen in line, delivering parallel remarks. Hossein Ruyvaran, described as a “Middle East expert”, said on Iran state TV on March 24th, “Unfortunately, the West supported a wave of terrorism hoping to topple the Assad regime in Syria. However, this very terrorism has returned to Europe, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, showing how dangerous this phenomenon is… Who gave life to this being, provided it logistics, borders, paths, military training and arms? These are questions the West and their regional allies must answer. Most of these [terrorists] came to Turkey, received military training, were provided arms and entered Syria with the support of the Turkish intelligence service.”
Unfortunately, the use of such preposterous remarks are a known tactic resorted to by Iran to cloak its role in such crimes and blaming others. Another “analyst” by the name of Dehghan Firouzabadi said on the same state TV program, “One of the most important end results of such attacks is a security climate cemented across Europe. They take advantage of such issues and under the pretext of their war against terrorism they further pressure Muslims who have been living in Europe for three generations, ramp up immigration laws and …”
Tehran is now holding the Belgium government itself responsible for this massacre, a scheme the Iranian regime is an expert in. This is a regime that has literally bombed sacred religious sites in Iran and Iraq, and carried out many other crimes while completely indifferent about innocent humans perishing.
As people across Europe are attempting to recover from the Brussels tragedy, this writer feels it necessary to say that as an Iranian, the remarks made by Iranian state media should never be attributed to the Iranian people. We the Iranian people are the first victims of the mullahs’ viciousness, and we deeply understand the hardship suffered by people in Brussels and Paris, and anyone across the globe who has lost a loved one to terrorism.
State media in Iran reflect the true nature of the ruling regime. Classified as the leading state sponsor of terrorism by the United States, and dubbed as the Godfather of ISIS by the Iranian people, firm action is the remedy to reign in Iran’s sponsorship of terror. Otherwise, we will unfortunately witness more tragedies similar to Brussels and Paris.

By Heshmat Alavi March 29, 2016
Heshmat Alavi is a political activist and supporter of regime change in Iran. He writes on Iran and the Middle East. 

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