Monday, August 1, 2016

“We Can and We Must”: A young Iranian’s call for regime change in Iran

Image: Paria Kohandell recounts to tens of thousands of Iranian diaspora the story of her father ongoing struggle as a political prisoner under the Iranian regime, joined by other young exiled Iranians at the Free Iran grand gathering of Iranian communities 9 July 2016 at Le Bourget, Paris, France. Copyright Siavosh Hosseini | The Media Express 2016.

Millennial voices and political action points merged with historical remembrance and musical performances to rally for regime change in Iran during this year’s annual Grand Gathering for a Free Iran at Le Bourget, Paris, France.
The annual Iran Grand Gathering is a pivotal rally event for the Iranian diaspora known for its display of culturally and politically organized unity pushing for a democratic and pluralistic Iran. The rally’s success, built over months, is realized with the collaboration of hundreds of volunteer crew members in support of the NCRI (National Council of Resistance in Iran), a Paris-based opposition coalition group that was exiled by the Iranian government  which convenes each year to renew its annual pledge for a free Iran. The rally took place on Saturday, 9 July 2016.
The 8-hour, jam-packed event featured many key moments from a slew of parliamentary officials. The delegation of French officials kicked off the event, welcomed by the Mayor of Le Bourget, the site of the rally. Senator Vincent Capo-Canellas’ opening words were followed by the master of the ceremonies, Chairwoman of the US Center for Equal Opportunity Linda Chavez, notably named by the US Library of Congress as a living legend.

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