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Maryam Rajavi – I have a dream

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Maryam Rajavi – I Have A Dream
I have a dream, an Iran without execution and torture. A country in which cranes will be used to build a free and beautiful Iran, not for hanging human beings. A country in which stoning, amputating hands and feet will be something of the past. No place for sharia law and kangaroo courts, and love, friendship and tolerance will replace distrust, hatred and vengeance.
I have a dream, a free and democratic Iran, a country in which people enjoy freedom, freedom of life and freedom of security for all. Everyone is free to express their beliefs and demands. Everyone is free to protest. Everyone is free to choose their attire and determine their customs, and women to enjoy equal rights as men in all fields, including leadership.
I have a dream, an Iran full of tolerance and peace, and a country in which people with different beliefs and religions can live alongside each other in equality.
No religion is banned and no faith has any superiority over others.
There will be no inquisition in Iran’s society and no one will be prosecuted or harassed for their beliefs.
I have a dream, an Iran of peace and friendship, and a country in which war, bloodshed and violence is completely eradicated.
A country where fundamentalism and terrorism are replaced by peace and friendship in the region, and across the globe. A country committed to peaceful coexistence.
Yes, I have no doubt that in the path of realizing this dream we will overcome all obstacles. We will erase fundamentalism from our history forever.
Nothing can prevent the sunrise of liberty for the Iranian people, and nothing can prevent the realization of freedom in Iran.
And now, I hear the voice of the great nation of Iran saying, “We will be victorious and our country will be free.”
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Less seen scenes from Maryam Rajavi

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