Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi

Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi
Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi

A parliamentary delegation from Albania meets with Maryam Rajavi

A delegation from the Parliament of Albania, headed by Deputy Chairman of the Parliament Edi Paloka, met and held talks in Albania with Maryam Rajavi on Tuesday evening, December 4, 2018.
Five members of the Albanian Parliament, Messrs. Edmond Spaho, Endri Hasa, Xhemal Gjunkshi, and Mses. Grida Duma and Valentina Duka, also attended this meeting.

Deputy Chairman Edi Paloka said in this meeting, “No only we in the parliament but all the people of Albania are happy with the presence of the PMOI in this country.”

Edmond Spaho, MP, stated, “Your courage, resolve and perseverance is an historical example and this is why the international support for your resistance grows by the day.”

Another MP, Grida Duma, said, “It is a pleasure for us to welcome you and say that all of us in Albania support your presence here because you represent the values of freedom and democracy. You have revived the original humanitarian principles of Islam and stood up to religious coercions.”

Valentina Duka, MP, also said, “We thank you for all the good work you have done for Iran’s freedom and particularly for women’s rights.”
MP Endri Hasa pointed out that he always follows the news of Iran and the uprisings, and added, “We actively support your movement.”
Mr. Xhemal Gjunkshi, MP, stated, “My colleagues and I support you and we wish that you succeed in reaching your ultimate goal which is Iran’s freedom.”

Welcoming the parliamentary delegation from Albania, Maryam Rajavi expressed her gratitude for the solid support lent to the PMOI by Albanian MPs from the ruling party to the opposition parties. She asserted, “Demonstrations and protests by various social strata have been continuing and expanding. Although Iran is a rich country, the majority of the people of Iran today live below the poverty line, an unemployment, inflation, and corruption are rampant. So, the people of Iran are determined to put an end to this situation and achieve their freedom.”

Maryam Rajavi extended her appreciation to members and leaders of the Parliament of Albania for their support and expressed her wishes that with the victory of the Iranian people and Resistance, the region and the world would be relieved of the mullahs’ belligerence and terrorism, and a new season would start in the relations between Iran and Albania.


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