Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi

Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi
Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi: Rise up to continue the uprisings and liberate Iran from the mullahs’ occupation-Message to Iranian students and teachers

On the occasion of the new academic year, I salute all students, teachers and professors in Iran. I wish you increasing progress in obtaining awareness and freedom and in overcoming the ignorance, reaction, oppression and repression reigning the country. 
To the courageous high school and university students who have joined the resistance units and councils, you are continuing the path of a generation of heroic youths in Iran who fought audaciously on October 13, 1981, on the streets of Tehran.
Last year, Iran’s honourable teachers and educators held more than 1,000 series of strikes, protest gatherings and nationwide protests in 156 cities. And student protests exceeded 180 in universities across Iran. 

Today, the mullahs have clamped down on and enchained every school and university, seeking to preserve their decadent rule vis-à-vis the burning desire of the people of Iran for change, blocking their economic and social progress and inflicting horrendous damages in every realm.
The mullahs’ detested policies have created tremendous discontent in Iran particularly among the younger generation, turning every school and university into a powder keg ready to explode. 
The population of child workers has exceeded 7 million. Instead of going to school, they are put to work under tortuous conditions for 12 hours. The conditions of child labourers are tantamount to organized crime by the clerical regime in Iran. 

Such beautiful future is very distant from today’s abysmal situation in Iran, but it is achievable, and I urge every one of you, the aware and freedom-loving students and youths who seek equality, to join the struggle to achieve it. 

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