Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi

Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi
Free Iran with Maryam Rajavi

David Ames, Tireless Advocate for Freedom and Democracy

Sir David Amess
Sir David Amess
With great sadness, I extend my condolences for the passing of Sir David Amess, a member of the British Parliament, and chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, who was criminally murdered today(October 15, 2021).

David Amess was an enemy of dictators, especially the mullahs’ dictatorship in Iran. For forty years, he stood relentlessly with the Iranian people for freedom and against religious fascism.

After four decades of full and humble support of Sir David Amess for the Iranian Resistance and people, he will be remembered among the martyrs of freedom.

Today, the Iranian Resistance lost an exceptional friend and the British people lost a great human being, a most commendable example of defense of freedom, democracy, and civil society.
At a large gathering of Free Iran in 2019, he said, “I am extremely happy to be in Ashraf 3, and as the co-chair of British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom and on behalf of the cross-party committee in both houses of Parliament, we want to express our solidarity with you.”
In his final speech to the 2021 Free Iran Gathering, Sir David Amess said, “We believe the missing piece in our policy is disregarding the objective conditions in Iran, and the yearning of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy.”
For the last three decades, Sir David Amess fought a courageous battle with all his political and parliamentary credibility in defense of the Iranian people’s trampled rights and in support of the PMOI (MEK) and the Iranian Resistance for freedom and popular sovereignty. He also fought against the disgraceful policy of appeasement of the religious fascism ruling Iran. Sir David Amess, alongside Lord Robin Corbett of Castle Vale, founded the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom. He played a decisive role in the delisting of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) from the list of proscribed organizations instigated by the mullahs of Iran, in the United Kingdom and the European Union.
I express my condolences on the passing of Sir David Amess, a precious supporter of the Iranian Resistance and a passionate fighter for freedom in Iran, to his honorable family, to the people and parliament of the United Kingdom, and to the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom.
His memory will live on for the Iranian people and resistance. We are proud that he rushed to aid our people’s fight against religious fascism in the darkest period of Iran’s history.

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